content marketer, dad, I love playing the guitar, trying out new toys and enjoy the hell out of japanese food. Oh, and I love talking and writing about it.

Joost Nusselder


As a business economist by trade, I always wanted to start my own company. But I started my career in customer service, coaching en after that marketing and analysis in the corporate world.

With these tools in my pocket I started Decision Tree Online Services, first a Content Marketing Agency creating content for others, and now a Digital Media Company with our own sites.


With my team, we create helpful articles that assist people in finding answers to their question online. Like what the best toys are, or what astonishing culinary arts came from the Muromachi period.

My passion lies in analyzing opportunities, setting up A/B and multivariate tests and getting my websites ready for optimal discoverability and conversion.


In working with my team of writers, editors, video creators, and image professionals I can use all of the experiences from the corporate world. I can coach on the structure and method of operation, and on writing the best possible content.

As soon as you get it down into a process, you can start outsourcing some of the work. That’s why I work Agile in Kanban with Trello.

What are the things I can go on and on about

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I can talk at lengths about SEO, content marketing, and getting your website found with text, images, video, and more. But also about working with a remote team and blogging about playing the guitar, toys, and Japanese food.

If these are some of the things you enjoy talking about, maybe it would be fun to have a drink or a coffee sometime.

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